Wetted Land: the Assessment, Techniques & Economics of Restoration

The WATER project will develop a market based catchment restoration scheme which will be based on a Payments for Ecosystem Services (PES) model and aims to identify both delivery and funding mechanisms to lever private investment for catchment restoration

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WATER Catchments

WATER Project Background

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Whilst the ICZM area does not include river catchments the Water Framework Directive (WFD) covers all water bodies, including rivers and the ICZM area, and extends one nautical mile from the coast.

The WFD aims to address the issue of poor water quality and quantity on a European level by assessing each river catchment and developing a programme of measures detailing how water quality and quantity can be improved. Whilst the government of each member state appointed a competent authority, the Environment Agency in England and DIREN in France, which adopted the responsibility to assess water body quality and compile a programme of measures for restoration there is no statutory responsibility to deliver this programme.

The competant authorities in each member state are encouraging stakeholders to formulate mechanisms for delivery and funding.